Marjinal Makina

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Marjinal Makina

We carried out marketing activities in the sector of bakery products from 1999 to 2015. We made our mark in the sector owing to our structure prioritizing fast, dynamic and customer satisfaction.

As a result of our relations with the sector, given importance to research and development and demands received over the time, we believed that we could do something and could be beneficial for the sector as well.

We began our R&D works by means of examinations starting from the stage of manufacturing to the production in depth. We completed our works with our excited, dynamic and experienced team and produced our extraordinary, unique machine.

Marjinal Makine will introduce new excitement and quality to the sector in the field of phyllo pastries such as baklava, borek, etc and dessert production by means of the state of the art technology equipped with unique design and incredible processing volume of the dough.